Man of Many Voices
Bill Hoger
 Bill Hoger Legacy
 2009 Inductee

The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame
Preserving the History of Georgia Radio

Giving us the Gift of Laughter

Turn Your Radio ON
"giving the gift of laughter"

bill hoger at ultimate oldies concert

Ultimate Oldies Concert

Bill the voice behind the characters heard each morning on the Randy and Spiff show for the last 16 years. Visit the Photo Gallery to hear your favorites.

bill hoger -- the stonewall jackson show

The Stonewall Jackson Show

Y106 where Baby Ruth was born.

bill hoger -- 96 Rock on the Air with Mark & Steve in the Morning
96 Rock on the Air with Mark & Steve in the Morning

Bill introduced Gramps in 1982 with Mark and Steve

bill hoger - in the heat of the night

Heat of the Night

A few scenes in Heat and Bill was bitten by the acting bug 

bill hoger and jim basilebill 

Jim Basile

Air Traffic Control
at PDK for the afternoon drive.

bill hoger and steve mccoy

Steve McCoy

The Louie Louie Marching Band, for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade


bill hoger - late night with brian wilson

Late Night with Brian Wilson

Elvis is Back!
(every Friday)

bill hoger and joe pediceno

Joe Pediceno

WWW at Y106

bill hoger and bonnie blackstone

Bonnie Blackstone

Bill Launches his line of "Bonnie Products"

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