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Bill Hoger
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bill hoger

Bill Hoger "On the Air"

For 21 years Bill Hoger was my partner in comedy, he also became my close friend.He was a great observer of humanity and listened carefully to each conversation he heard. I learned a great deal about comedy from Bill, but I learned more about life. He was a one-of-kind original and I will miss him very much. 
   Jerry Buckner - Atlanta, GA



Bill’s many different impersonations, his incredible comedic timing, and his off-center view of the world. All of which made Bill the funniest man I ever met. But I will miss Bill’s loyalty and friendship even more. All of Bill’s wide circle of friends including our radio listeners will have to get by on far fewer smiles and laughs now that Bill has left us. The laughs and smiles that Bill did bring us may fade a bit as time marches on … but Bill Hoger, the man who brought us those laughs and smiles, will never be forgotten. And as one of his most popular characters, Sylvester Sydell, would say … “We’ll see you sooner or later!”            
Spiff Carner - Atlanta, GA

 All day I have been thinking of how he just made me bust out laughing, and he wasn't even trying! I first met him when he was on the Mark & Steve show, where was a regular contributor. When we left 96 Rock, we stayed in touch, became great friends. hanging out Bill there was always laughter. And I always have that to keep his memory alive. Well, now I know he's hangin' with Elvis,
so all is as it should be. .   
Steve Mitchell (Atlanta, GA)

I had the chance to work with Bill while I was at Y-106 in 1984-1989. He had a unique way of looking at life and the world around him. He will be missed here on earth. I think God wanted Bill in Heaven because He wanted the BEST in humor with Him. Either that, or He lost the key to the Golden Gate and needed Bill to open it for Him!                                
  Johnny "Stonewall" Jackson (New York, NY)   

I am so very sorry for your loss. Bill was one of the truly great talents in radio and one of the funniest people I ever knew. 
   Mark McCain (Atlanta, GA)

We had the honor to work with Bill for the last ten years at WGRR. He was always a bright spot of the day. His humor and joyous laugh never failed to bring a smile to us. He was indeed one of the funniest people ever born. . He was not only a big part of our morning show, but a true friend we could share our daily lives with. Our radio listeners adored Ed, Gramps, Sylvester and the many personalities he so flawlessly brought to life. 
   Chris and Janeen WGRR Radio (Cincinnati, OH)

 The first day Bill called me up on the phone, he told me how pleased he was to be working with me --he'd listened to the very first radio station I was ever on in Atlanta. Truth be told, *I* was the lucky one. In my 30-plus years in radio, Bill was one of the most talented people I ever worked with, and he brought a smile to everyone who ever heard one of his many characters. So many of the catch-phrases he thought up and used later became part of the daily fun and games we took for granted. So it's true we will miss him, but we'll also miss his spirit, his infectious laugh and the way he could flawlessly create a character that everybody loved as much as any real person. And by the way --what a maniac with Photoshop! I know I speak for everyone on my show --Val, Frank, Bill, Bob and myself-- when I say mornings on WOGL will not be the same without you. God speed and God bless. 
   Ross Brittain (Philadelphia, PA) 

Bill’s love of radio was evident in 1980 when his night’s entertainment was dialing to be the 15th caller and winning WSB pen or pencils.  Winner of the “Elvis Answering Machine Message”, a new device, Bill began his professional career in Atlanta Radio.  His client list includes 96 Rock, Z93, Y106, and Fox 97’s Randy and Spiff Show for over 16 years. Bill could not resist a Saturday Joke to Bob and Rob, and Ludlow Porch and occasionally a prank on the local newscasters.  Bill Hoger had a dream, to be on the radio. His dream gave us the gift of laughter.
Sherry Hoger


And More Awards!

Fourth Annual AIR Awards 1999 .......Best Bit
Sixth  Annual AIR Awards 2001 .........Best Character
Sixth  Annual AIR Awards 2001 .........Best Parody Song or Commercial

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